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Letterpress Printed Chapbooks: John Lent Poetry/Prose Award

Keagan Hawthorne, The Barnyard Book of Common Prayer. $20.00
Ben Robinson, Low Vacancy. $20.00
Erin Scott, Atrophy. $25.00
Angeline Schellenberg, Dented Tubas. Out of Print.
Susan Buis, Sugar for Shock. Out of Print.
Lindsay Cahill, The Movement of the Triangle. $25.00
Helen Hajnoczky, Bloom & Martyr. Out of Print.
Nikki Sheppy, Grrrrlhood. Out of Print.
Nicholas Papaxanthos, Wearing Your Pants. $25.00
Ariel Gordon, How to Make a Collage. Out of Print.



Various Authors, KPB: Kalamalka Press Broadsheets. $50.00
Yvonne Blomer, Persephone Speaks. $15.00


Letterpress Printed Chapbooks: OC 3-Hour Short Story Contest

Samantha Wex, Cat's Cradle. $10.00
Mary Bevan, The Use in Usefulness. $10.00


Digitally Printed Chapbooks: OC 3-Hour Short Stordy Contest

Daneil Bergg, An Interrupted Morning. $5.00
Hannah Stanley, The Best Year of Our Lives. Out of Print.
Pip Mano Dryden, This Time. Out of Print.
Daniel Greene, Watercolours. Out of Print.
Jesse Frechette, Lost Control. Out of Print.


Mackie Series

Mackie Series 9: Brenda Schmidt, Flight Calls. $10.00
Mackie Series 8: Peter Midgley, perhaps i should / miskien moet ek. $10.00
Mackie Series 7: Mona Fertig, The Unsettled: New Poems. $10.00
Mackie Series 6: Gary Geddes, Out of the Ordinary. $10.00
Mackie Series 5: Dawne McCance, Sleights of Hand. $15.00
Mackie Series 4: Robert Kroetsch & John Lent, Abundance. Out of Print.
Mackie Series 3: David Pitt-Brooke & Christine McPhee, Accommodation. $10.00
Mackie Series 2: Dennis Cooley, Country Music: New Poems. $10.00
Mackie Series 1: Ronald Ayling, Sean O'Casey's Theatre of War. $10.00



Rod Schumacher, Baptism by Mud. $10.00
Virginia Dansereau, Undertow. Out of Print.
Jason Emde, My Hand's Tired & My Heart Aches. $10.00
Kerry Trevelyan, (Kerplnk). Out of Print.
Various, Who Lies Beautifully. Out of Print.
Dona Sturmanis, You Mistook Heaven. Out of Print.
Sue Wheeler, Solstice on the Anacortes Ferry. $10.00
Su Croll, Worlda Mirth. $10.00
Anthology, Fat Moon: An Anthology of Poetry & Prose. $10.00
Karen Connelly, The Small Words in My Body. Out of Print.
Nancy Holmes, Valancy and the New World. Out of Print.
Greg Simison, The Possibilities of Chinese Trout. $10.00


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