Wearing Your Pants


Wearing Your Pants


Winner of the 2014 John Lent Poetry/Prose Award

$25 | Published May 2015.

5.75" x 9.25", 20pp. ISBN: 978-0-9867655-6-8.

This deceptively gentle collection sneaks up on a reader's brain and infects it with shadows of light, of relationships, of loneliness, and of joy! Don't expect these poems to offer any answers to your question-mark-shaped hearts. Instead, let their soft interrogations move your skin out, away from itself, towards your clothing, and beyond.


Type set in Monotype Bembo and printed on Crane Lettra papers, then sewn and bound into a flyleaf and wrapper of Fabriano Tiziano.


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The production team from ENGL205 included: Briana Banfill, Faeanne Beggs, Mary Bevan, Lindsey Hawick, Dan Rothon, Shamylla van der Hall-Rose & Jason Dewinetz.


Nicholas Papaxanthos grew up in Lefkosia, Cyprus, near a playground with mannequins in the sandpit.

He moved to Canada to complete an undergraduate degree at Queen’s University, and while there got hooked on poetry—especially the work of the French Surrealists, New York School, and Canadian writers who kick against the mainstream. Nicholas has been lucky enough to have put together the chapbook Teeth, Untucked with Proper Tales Press, contributed to the collaborative chaos of Our Days in Vaudeville with Mansfield Press, and appeared in various magazines, including Illiterature, The New Chief Tongue, This Magazine, and on the literary blog-journal Lemon Hound.