How to Make a Collage


How to Make a Collage


Winner of the 2012 John Lent Poetry/Prose Award

$20 | Published April 2013.

5.5" x 8.5", pp. ISBN: 978-0-9867655-2-0.

Ariel Gordon’s How to Make a Collage offers a scrapbook of extraordinary everydayness. Its poems decoupage tender snapshots beside snappy comebacks. Fairy tale moments foment against ailing flesh. Sly instructions for loving fester within slovenly destructions of living. A beautiful, gluey mess of memory, decay, and dreams!


Type set in 10 & 12pt Monotype Bembo and printed on Crane Lettra papers, then sewn and bound into a wrapper of Arturo Artistico.


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The production team from ENGL205 included: Chey Boyko, Shvaugn Craig, Marissa Fenkhuber, Jill Rowe, Brendan Tomlinson, & Caitlin Voth.


Ariel Gordon is a Winnipeg writer. Her first book of poetry, Hump (Palimpsest Press, 2010), won the Aqua Books Lansdowne Prize for Poetry, and her second, How to Pack Without Overpacking, is slated for publication in 2014.

Most recently, she won Kalamalka Press' inaugural John Lent Poetry-Prose Award. When not being bookish, Ariel likes tromping through the woods and taking macro photographs of mushrooms.