Bloom & Martyr


Bloom & Martyr


Winner of the 2015 John Lent Poetry/Prose Award

$20 | Published May 2016.

5.75" x 9.25", 26pp. ISBN: 978-0-9867655-8-2.

Flower and flour. Coral and choral. Lashes and luscious. In Bloom & Martyr, Helen Hajnoczky crafts an incantation between the text and the reader, with tendrils reaching from a tendering “me” and an urgent “you.” This broken, rebel grammar invites a desire that is bust, robust, and combustible; it will plant its shards in your neural pathways, and your mind’s feet will thank them. Let this book be your feathered mortar, your wrought iron lace.


Set by hand in Monotype Van Dijck and printed on Crane Lettra papers, then sewn and bound into a flyleaf and wrapper of Fabriano Tiziano.


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The production team from ENGL205 included: Cass Barra, Julie Klingner-Jardine, Eugenia Pietronave, Daniel Reich, Sierra Simmonds, Kayla Todd & Jason Dewinetz.


Helen Hajnoczky is the author of Poets and Killers: A Life in Adversiting (Snare Books, 2010) and Magyarázni (Coach House, 2016).

Her work has appeared in a variety of chapbooks and magazines, and in the anthologies Why Poetry Sucks (Insomniac Press, 2014) and Ground Rules 2003-2013 (Chaudiere Books, 2013). Other excerpts from Bloom and Martyr have been published by Dreamland, Lemon Hound, NewPoetry, and are forthcoming in Touch the Donkey. Helen blogs and tweets @helenhajnoczky.